Tech Baseball's Hunter Redman Interview

Tech Baseball's Hunter Redman Interview

Jeff Eberle Interviews Midland Christian alum and Texas Tech Catcher Hunter Redman.
Lubbock, TX-

Hunter can you put into words what it means to go to Texas Tech's first ever College World Series?

I can't I'm at a loss of words right now,” said Redman. “So happy for this coaching staff and the town of Lubbock. It's incredible what Coach Tadlock has done. It's unreal.”

Now in game 1 of the Super Regional you had quite the play at the plate holding down the lead, can you walk me through what took place on that play?

“Well they hit that chopper and Tim is a smart player there at short and I knew he'd be coming home and I just stood in front of Home and tagged him out,” said Redman.

Now your dad Dale played for Texas Tech and your brother as well. What does it mean to carry on this family legacy at Tech going to Omaha?

“It's so surreal right now,” said Redman. “Tech has been so good to my family and I'm blessed God is very good for letting me be here,” said Redman.

Now you've had quite the journey after Midland Christian you go to the University of Texas then Midland College now back to Tech, what have you learned on that journey going from school to school?

“Since my freshman year it's been a great experience for me I matured a lot and grew up and then going to Midland last year playing for Coach Coleman who is one heck of a coach it's been unreal,” said Redman. “It hasn't been easy but I wouldn't trade one step of the way.”

Now what's the main objective in Omaha?


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