Tech Baseball's Bryant Burleson Interview

Tech Baseball's Bryant Burleson Interview

Jeff Eberle interviews Texas Tech 2nd Baseman Bryant Burleson.
Lubbock, TX-

Bryant how does it feel to go to Texas Tech's first ever College World Series?

It's pretty awesome man coming in here freshman year and expecting big things,” said Burleson. “Last couple years have been down years Coach Tadlock and that coaching staff came in and just changed everything. Just I mean it's awesome. It's crazy,” said Burleson.

What makes this team so special and so unique from any other team in the past?

I think we're just a bunch of guys that want to win,” said Burleson. “I think you can say that about a lot of teams but we know what we like to do and we got to come out here and we have fun with it. We like to go to practice come out and practice we like to play and play each pitch and have fun with it.”

Now you're quite the student last year you were Big 12 Academic team. Why do you put so much emphasis on the school work as well as being a Red Raider baseball player?

“Well we're all here to get an education that's the main thing for college is get an education,” said Burleson. “Getting a good job out of here I mean baseball is just the fun part about it that's what I enjoy getting my time to play all the hard work is in the class room.”

What's it like to play with another Midland Christian guy on this baseball team in Hunter sharing this experience and going to Omaha?

“Yeah it's awesome we've known each other since we were 12 or 13 years old and playing against each other playing with each other,” said Burleson. “So just to be able to go to Omaha I mean we were in Omaha either our 7th or 8th grade year just in a tournament down there and we got to go to the College World Series just a couple of games just sitting at the game just thinking man how awesome would it be if that was us one day and now that it's happening,” said Burleson “It's unbelievable.”

How will you view and judge this experience going to Omaha? What's the main objective for you guys?

“I mean obviously the main objective is to win the thing,” said Burleson. “We're going to enjoy it we're going to have fun with it and go play some baseball.”

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