Task Force Helps Catch Oilfield Thieves

Task Force Helps Catch Oilfield Thieves

Odessa - Bridges Equipment first noticed they'd been hit by thieves last year.

"What they were doing is they'd come out here in the middle of the night..three or four, and they'd just cut our fence. They'd walk in and drag it out," says Jody Halford, Bridges Equipment Operating Manager.

To date, Bridges Equipment has been hit six times. "All told, they got about $300,000 worth of stuff. "

And out of everything they have in their massive yard, the thieves are going after something very specific - copper wire, which goes for roughly $20 a foot.

Not only has Bridges Equipment lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment, it also puts their operations in jeopardy. "That rig right there, we almost lost a sale on it because we weren't going to have it ready in time for what we quoted it," says Halford.

But thanks to the Oilfield Theft Task Force, who's been working with Bridges ever since the first theft, justice is being served.

"Those guys got out here and they were on it. They walked the whole yard, the whole nine miles, measuring footprints. Pretty impressive. "

And so far, at least five thieves have been convicted on federal charges.

Since all this has started, Bridges equipment stepped up security, they've put in night vision cameras, and they started keeping a closer eye on their inventory. Something they suggest all businesses do to help catch these theives.

If you see anything suspicious, you can also call 1-888-OILTIPS.

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