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Tall City Christian Track Helps Students Reach Junior Olympics

Tall City Christian Track Club Captain, Miah Nelson, hopes to bring home the gold medal to the Basin.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "We been in existence here in Midland, this is our 35th year", said Tall City Christian Track Club Head Coach Farris Strambler.

Permian High School Senior Miah Nelson runs on the Tall City Christian Track Club.

"I been out here since I could first walk", said Tall City Christian Track Club Captain, Miah Nelson.

Then she quickly began sprinting, all the way to the junior Olympics.

"I went to the junior Olympics when I was 8 years old and that was so scary”, said Nelson.

She placed 13th her first year competing, the next year 5th and then 2nd.

"Every year she has been to the J.O. more than any of the kids recently", said Strambler.

To stay one step ahead of the competition, Miah decided to take her training to another level.

She began to practice with the boys.

"Running with them did help because I like when I could beat them I use to laugh at them and they get mad and it was fun”, said Nelson.

Miah attributes all of her accomplishments to her family encouraging her.

"My mother and father are like my biggest supporters they are always there at every meet. Their pushing me, even when I’m doing bad, they'll tell me hey you sucked but you'll do better next time. At least their honest”, said Nelson.

She takes that honesty to heart and works to get better.

Miah even pushes the younger generations.

"I like coaching the little kids because when I was younger, the older ones coached me. They took me in as their little sister”, said Nelson.

Miah says she looks at younger runners like her own family.

"She doesn't mind talking to the younger kids and she's an example for them, they look up to her", said Strambler.

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