Talking Trash in Glasscock County

Talking Trash in Glasscock County

Youth program sponsors clean up as trash problem grows
Glasscock County --  As the rig count in Glasscock County continues to go up, so does the amount of trash.  While no one is pointing fingers, Glasscock County residents are getting discouraged.

"It is very upsetting to see the trash in our county," said Christy Seidenberger, president of the Glasscock County Youth Board. "Recently it has increased tremendously and we have  always taken pride in our county and taken care of it.."

"It's very disheartening because we are a very proud community and it's our home, and it's hard to see your home dirty," added Charlene Belew, County Extension Agent.

"We have to live here. We don't come through and go home. We have to live and see this everyday, so it's discouraging to see," said Doug Jost, Glasscock County Youth Board member.

The trash problem has gotten so bad that even local students are taking notice, and now they're taking charge to get their county cleaned up.  The Glasscock County Youth Board is an organization made up of 15 adults and high school youth. While discussing ways to improve their community, youth board member Kadden Kothmann came up with the idea to clean up the mess others are leaving behind.

"We need to take care of this issue," said Kothmann.
The board was behind him 100 percent, and now they're hosting a Take Pride in Glasscock County day to clean things up.

The clean up will take place on Saturday, October 20th. Registration will begin at 8am at the Glasscock County Community Center. The clean up begins at 9am with elementary students and their parents cleaning up the ballpark. Adults,  junior high and high school students will clean up ditches of roads intersecting Garden City. For more information or to find out how you can get involved, call the county extension office at 432-354-2381.

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