Stamford vs McCamey Week Zero 8/29/13

Stamford vs McCamey Week Zero 8/29/13

The Stamford Badgers square up with the Stamford Bulldogs Week Zero in McCamey.

We take you to Big Spring, where the reigning state champs Stamford Bulldogs were taking on the McCamey Badgers.

First quarter, Badgers quarterback Jordan Zarate connects with Anthony Rodriguez, gets nailed but hangs on and gets the first down.

McCamey would turn over the ball via fumble, giving way to Stamford's Bo Wimberly, who found James Washington, and nearly found the end zone.

Same drive, Wimberly fakes the hand off, and Wimberly puts six on the board... Stamford up 7-0.

The Bulldogs, all over the Badgers in this one, winning 40 to 13.

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