Special Report: Veteran Gives Thanks to Oil Business

Special Report: Veteran Gives Thanks to Oil Business

Veteran finds employment in Midland oil industry after 23 years in Army
Midland -- They say the transition  from the military to civilian life can be difficult. Well, imagine what it would be like after serving for 23 years. It could have been extremely difficult for the U.S. Army veteran David Kuhnert, but he says a local oil company helped to make things a lot easier for him and his family.

" I started off as a private and ended as a command sergeant major for Combined Arms Battalion," said David Kuhnert, CrownQuest production manager.
During his 23 years in the army,  Kuhnert says he got to travel the world, earning four Bronze Stars along the way.

"I've gotten to go to Honduras, Panama, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq. All over the world. Got to spend a lot of time in a lot of places and do things that many people would never get to do," said Kuhnert.
He was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan numerous times, and he says he's thankful he always made it home to his family safe. He says his wife and four children were always there for support.

"My wife and kids have supported every move I've made. Every deployment I've been on. They've been my biggest fans," he said.
His latest move was to Midland for a job he says he's thankful to have following his retirement from the military. It's an opportunity he may have never had if it weren't for his friend and fellow veteran Seth Cunneen.

"David and I met back in 2004 in the first of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment at Fort Bragg, N.C.," said Cunneen. "We worked closely as a command team in Iraq and at Fort Bragg for almost two and a half years."
Cunneen says he was thankful to get a job at CrownQuest after his time in the military was complete. He was also eager to lend a hand to Kuhnert following his military retirement years later.

"We needed someone that had the capabilities that Dave learned and developed in his 23 years in the military to come here and develop an organic production team for us," said Cunneen.

"He called me. I was sitting in the office in the transition center. I thought, well gosh, this has got to be a sign for something here. Let me take this seriously," added Kuhnert.
Kuhnert has now been working as the production manager for CrownQuest for 18 months,  It's one of many blessings he says he's grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

"I'm thankful, first of all, for my family who've supported me...even in the move to West Texas," stressed Kuhnert. "I'm thankful for the people still serving overseas that are keeping us safe and allowing us to continue doing what we do, and I'm thankful to have the opportunity that I do here at CrownQuest."

If you're a veteran and looking for employment, you can call or check out the Texas Workforce Commission's website at  http://www.twc.state.tx.us/svcs/funds/skills-veterans-initiative-program-overview.html.

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