Sockers FC Goalkeeper Tim Beauvais

Sockers FC Goalkeeper Tim Beauvais

Sockers FC Goalkeeper Tim Beauvais has an attitude everyone should follow.

"I always pride myself on hard work. I try to be the hardest working guy on the field. I like to lead by example."

Sockers FC goalkeeper Tim Beauvais didn't always think that way.

"I wasn't elected captain for my high school soccer team my senior year," said Beauvais.

Tim told me his high school coach described him as negative, taking everything for granted, and not a good leader.

"That's what flipped the switch in my mind that I just had to do everything I could to be the best player I could be. That's where the hard work comes from," said Beauvais.

After high school, Tim took that new mindset to Division III school SUNY Cortland. He started his freshman season on the bench, 3rd string, but ended up the starter midway through the season, and hasn't given up the job since. But his role with the Sockers serves a unique purpose.

"He's never had a bad day. Every single day he's smiling and happy and he's just as happy to help out the team with water bottles as he is with the same smile as if he's starting," said Sockers FC head coach Matt Barnes.

But Tim doesn't start. He's the Sockers 3rd string goalkeeper. His work ethic he developed in high school remains constant.

"You see someone working has hard as he does and not get a reward from it. It makes you want to push yourself and work even harder," said teammate Clint Long.

Hard work for a goal.

"There's not a better feeling than winning," said Beauvais.

It's an attitude everyone on his team witnesses, even the coach.

"He's really well respected on this team and you don't always say that about a 3rd string goalkeeper or 3rd string player," said Barnes.
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