Sockers FC Forward Rory Knibbs

Sockers FC Forward Rory Knibbs

Sockers FC Forward Rory Knibbs brings the humor and productivity.
Midland, TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

When you listen to Sockers FC Forward Rory Knibbs talk.

"Coming from England you're brought up to play football on the streets with your mates after school. If someone knocks on the door do you want to go for a kick about."

You can tell he's not a Texan. He's from Manchester, England, and has played soccer or futbol since he was five.

"When I play football I don't think about anything else. Anything could be happening in my life but it doesn't really matter cause I'm playing football," said Knibbs.

Rory will be a sophomore at San Jose State in the Fall. He said England and California are similar.

"The culture is good and everything like that I love it. It's similar to London as well so many different cultures and things like that," said Knibbs.

Rory's West Texas experience has made him appreciate his countries' weather.

"Coming from England where it's rainy most days here I don't even go out in the sun it's too hot I get sweaty easy," said Knibbs.

So Rory stays in his apartment a lot.

"I do a lot of sleeping I do that all day every day," said Knibbs.

But when Rory is with his team, he likes to make people laugh.

"You've got to have some lightheartedness to it, and be a bit of a joker I think someone's got to do it sometime, and I like to try and put that front on," said Knibbs.

His Sockers coach noticed that demeanor immediately.

"First time I saw him he came in this goofy hat hair is poppin out all over the place he's got funny comments," said Sockers FC head coach Matt Barnes.

But once Rory steps on the field...

"I'm very very serious and I take it very serious," said Knibbs.

"When he gets in a game and gets in a competitive situation he really changes," said Barnes.

That change allows for productivity.

"When he's in a match and it counts the kid shows up. It's good to see both sides a little bit of fun and a little bit of business," said Barnes.

And Rory wants to be in the soccer business after college.

"I'd love to play professional and go in the draft and go in the MLS but I'd play everywhere in the world doesn't bother me I wanna play football as long as possible," said Knibbs.

"We haven't even tapped into his potential yet. He'll continue to develop definitely think he can play at next level and play for a paycheck," said Barnes.

And hopefully keep his humor.

"Chirping in and saying stuff to make every laugh he's a funny cat," said Barnes.

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