Snyder Residents React To 3 Earthquakes In 2 Days

Snyder Residents React To 3 Earthquakes In 2 Days

Most residents didn't even feel the minor earthquakes
SNYDER -- Snyder, Tx, about 100 miles northeast of Midland, is a town of about 11,000 but if you ask them about the recent earthquakes, you'd be hard pressed to find anybody who had heard about them, much less felt them.

"No, i didn't even know until i got to work today and my customers were talking about the big old earthquake that nobody felt," Snyder resident Bianca Murray told us.

Murray said she didn't feel the quakes at all, but for her a magnitude of a little over 2 is nothing.

"I used to live in Washington State, so earthquakes don't really phase me," she said.

City Manager Merle Taylor says he was also unaffected by the small quakes.

"I didn't feel it, none of my family felt it," Taylor confirmed.

Even with the frequency of the quakes nobody seems to be concerned about future quakes.

"We've had several that are of a much larger magnitude," Taylor said.

Local geologists are saying the recent quakes may be due to drilling operations, but residents tell us this has been going on in Snyder for years.

Gary Hamilton said he was born in Snyder in 1959, and they've always had quakes, he's just never felt any of them.

Taylor has his own reasons for not believing these are drilling related.

"Geologists I've talked to say this is 3-5 miles deep and they're not drilling but less than 10,000 feet," Taylor explained.

Like Murray, Hamilton has lived on the West Coast, and knows what a bigger earthquake feels like.

Even so, he's not worried about anything devastating the small town.

"I've worked in oil and gas for 30+ years. This happens all the time," Hamilton said.

Snyder has had bigger earthquakes, including one that read 4.4 in September, 2011.

The largest earthquake in Texas history was a 5.6 in Jeff Davis County back in 1931.

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