Snow Day in the Permian Basin

Snow Day in the Permian Basin

The Permian Basin was covered in snow Thursday, and various schools were cancelled for the day.
After school was cancelled in Big Spring, the Lawdermilk family decided to go sledding, make snowballs and snow angels.

“Lots of sledding, snow angels, snowball fight, snowman,” said John Lauderhill.

His three kids and dog were enjoying the day as a family.

But local businesses were not happy about the snow, blaming slow business on the weather.

“Parents have to stay home with their kids and they are usually not wanting to come in and shop,” said Alicia McFarland, manager at Splurge Boutique.

McFarland decided to open the boutique Thursday, but neighboring businesses were all closed. But opening the store on a snow day meant having to do a little extra work.

“I rather shovel and clean out the pathways, then having to deal with people tracking snow into the store and dealing with wet floors and dirty floors,” she said.

And many West Texas businesses hope Friday brings a little extra sunshine.

“If we are slow today I think tomorrow people are going to want to get out more, they are feeling cooped up,” McFarland said.

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