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Severe Blood Shortage In The Basin

United Blood Services says the supply of donor blood is dangerously low here in the Basin.
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- With the overwhelming number of recent accidents in the Basin, blood for transfusions is in high demand, and United Blood Services says that unfortunately, the supply of donor blood here in the Basin is not enough to meet these demands.

"We are dangerously low on our blood supply right now," said Donor Recruiter for United Blood Services Dianne Scott.

A blood shortage so steep, it's trickling all the way down to hospitals.

"This means that people that were going to have surgeries will not be able to get their surgery because of the shortage of blood," said Scott.

"We can't supply the Permian Basin right now," said Scott.

Dianne Scott, a Donor Recruiter for United Blood Services tells me what they're in need of.

"Right now, we're focusing on O negative," said Scott.

Something Scott says they've needed for over two weeks.
O negative is a universal donor and quickly flies of the shelves.

"The first blood that goes up to the emergency room in a case of a trauma is an O negative," said Transfusion Manager at Midland Memorial Hospital Anne Skipper.

Anne Skipper, the Transfusion Manager at Midland Memorial Hospital told me their supply is not quite where they'd like it, especially for emergency situations.

"You never know when somethings going to happen, and you're going to have multiple patients coming in that need uncrossed matched blood quickly," said Skipper.

And Skipper says donating is important, especially because,

"You never know when you're going to be the one that's on the receiving end," said Skipper.
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