Seven School Zones to be Eliminated in Midland

Seven School Zones to be Eliminated in Midland

City leaders vote to close seven school zones, because they say no students are using them.
MIDLAND TX, (Local Big 2 News) - School starts soon, and that means thousands of kids trotting off to further their education, but in Midland, several school zones will disappear.  Midland city councilors voted today to eliminate seven school zones.

"What we're saying is, let's eliminate some of these school zones that are not being used," says Mayor Jerry Morales.

City councilors vote to do away with lower speed limits at seven school zones. City traffic engineer Mike Pacelli explains to me it's because school boundaries change over time.

"As the school district has adjusted the attendance zone boundaries, at various elementary schools throughout the city, children are crossing at different locations." says Pacelli.

Pacelli says at certain crosswalks, there just aren't enough students using them to justify keeping the school zones open.  In fact, the school district thinks no students use them.

"School district is in agreement with us that there is not needs for school zones at these locations because they're not designated crossing locations for students anymore," Pacelli adds.

Years of traffic studies show these days no students walk those ways to school.

"As part of our normal traffic data collection, the city collects information on the number of students crossing each crossing location around 75 locations around the city," he says.

Pacelli says he believes in the accuracy of the traffic studies.

"Our staff goes out and monitors the crossing during the times when students would be arriving or departing from school," explains Pacelli.

Mayor Jerry Morales says the speed limit removal will mean less traffic congestion, while keeping kids safe remains his priority.

"Most definitely I mean the most important issue out there is protecting those kiddos," says Mayor Morales.
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