Set Your Clock An Hour Ahead For Daylight Savings

Set Your Clock An Hour Ahead For Daylight Savings

Taking quick nap during the day will reduce fatigue and increase alertness.

"I try to take naps and everything. I get off at 1:30 every day so I usually home by two and I sleep a couple of hours to rejuvenate my body", said Midland Native Lenny Long.

Even an extra hour of sleep can make all the difference before starting off your day.

On the other hand, if you miss a couple of hours, your mood can change severely.

"I don't get enough sleep and I get a little cranky", said Midland College Student Molly Micelle.

To avoid being bitten by the cranky bug, people say exercising makes sure they get enough sleep for the next day.

"I do a lot weight training and it makes me very tired so that helps me sleep", said Micelle.

"Once I work out and everything, I'm exhausted and then it seems like I get better rest and everything. I'm usually in bed by 7:30, 8 o'clock at night", said Long.

Along with exercising, turning off the light before bed, dimming the brightness on your phone or tablet may help you snooze better at night.

"Yeah I would say it does", said Micelle.

As hard as it may be, stay away from that delicious frappuccino for a few days. Instead, try to engage in activities that are relaxing to put your mind as ease, like a manicure or a massage.

"As a massage therapist, you get very tired working because it's the most relaxing job you can have. So I usually go home and go straight to sleep", said Micelle.

Don't cheat on sleep. Keeping a consistent sleeping schedule helps the body wake up in the morning and get the important sleep the body needs at night.

"I don't have that problem going asleep. 7:30, 8 o clock max I’m done", said Long.

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