Seminole AD Chris Burtch Resigning After 10 Years

Seminole AD Chris Burtch Resigning After 10 Years

Seminole Indians athletic director and football head coach Chris Burtch announced today he will resign after 10 years of service.
The Seminole Indians and Chris Burtch have decided to go its separate ways, as Burtch has decided to resign from his duties as the school's athletic director and head coach of football. The S.I.S.D. board approved his resignation 6-1, with board president Guy Chaney the only one to deny.

"The school board just felt like we needed to go to a different direction," said Burtch, "and I don't want to be a divisive factor and in Seminole, especially in the athletic department or in the school or even in the community.”

Burtch will resign tonight at a special Seminole ISD Board of Trustees meeting.

He leaves the Seminoles after 10 years with a 63-52 record, guiding the Indians to Class 3A playoffs in his first eight years. His most successful season was in 2011, when the team advanced to the state quarterfinals for the first time in school history. When asked his fondest memory, Burtch didn't mention the postseason.

"How do you narrow 10 years down?" Burtch asked, "But just the opportunity to be a part of literally five, six, seven, eight hundred young men's lives.... an opportunity to invest in my life as well and to raise my kids here. Just incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be here."

While Burtch admits he'll have a lot more time to kill in the near future, he doesn't intend on this being his last coaching tenure.

"I'm gonna be back coaching kids," said Burtch. "That's my passion. I love the opportunity to be a part of our youth and their lives and hopefully try to help make them into young men and women of character."

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