Scammers Become More Aggressive, Threaten U.S.

Scammers Become More Aggressive, Threaten U.S.

A Midland man says scammers who called him threatened to "blow the United States up in 20 days."
MIDLAND, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - Scammers get more agressive, targeting a man and his family in Midland. He says they not only tried to scam him, but also made threats.

"It's a scary deal, especially when someone is telling you that they're Al Qaeda, and they're going to blow up the United States. Do you take it serious or do you not? I'm not going to take a chance on that, I'm going to alert the authorities." says Midland resident Kenneth Moore.

"These people are out here scamming people, they're saying that they're going to give loans out and they're not doing that, they're taking people's credit card and banking information," he added.

Midland resident Kenneth Moore explains it all started months ago, when scammers called his wife claiming to be U.S. Marshals, and if she didn't pay a debt she owed, they would arrest her. Even after changing their personal information, including phone numbers, Moore says his family received more phone calls from the same people, this time offering various loans.

"Finally I got fed up with it and told the guys to quit calling," Moore says.

That's when he says the scammers threatened him and the United States.

"Basically telling me that he would shoot me like he shot americans in Afganistan, and as far as going to say they were going to blow the United States up in 20 days," explains Moore.

Moore tried calling Midland Police Department. but says he was disappointed with their lack of help.

"Midland PD hung up on me, I called her back and asked her why, basically it was because they're not in the terrorist business, well my theory is they're police officers, they're here to protect us," said Moore.

After speaking with the Midland County Sheriff's office, Moore was told to speak with the FBI or Homeland Security, and called an FBI office in El Paso. The FBI tells Local Big Two News the threat could be credible and they are looking into it.

"Whether they're real or fake, they still made a threat towards my country, and I feel like people need to do something about it," says Moore with passion.

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