Romney Announces Energy Independence Plan in Permian Basin

Romney Announces Energy Independence Plan in Permian Basin

<font size="2">Governor Mitt Romney announces his 8 year plan for independent energy in our area. Jenne Anderson Reports. </font>
HOBBS NM-- Lois McDougall is proud Mitt Romney supporter.

She traveled 90 miles from Odessa just to hear him speak at a public rally in Hobbs New Mexico.

"We need somebody that's a God-fearing person, and somebody that's going to get our country back on the right track," said McDougall.

Romney showed his supporters how he plans to improve the country by unveiling his 8 year plan for energy independence.

"North American energy independence by 2020!" exclaimed Governor Romney. "That means we produce all the energy we use in North America."

Romney says he'll make this happen by utilizing off shore drilling, hydraulic fracturing, natural gas, and bio fuels.

He also wants to pull resources out of Alaska, Mexico and Canada, and supports the construction of the key stone pipeline.

"We won't need to buy any oil from the Middle East, or Venezuela, or anywhere else if we don't want to!" said Romney.

And those in the cheering crowd seem pleased with these plans.

"Couldn't agree more," said Alto New Mexico resident Gary Wolverton. "America could be the best in the world. We could export. We don't have to import."

"We need some support in the energy complex," stated Shirley Blackman, who lives in Hobbs New Mexico. We're not getting any from the government right now."

Romney wasn't able to publically address a crowd during his visit to Midland on Tuesday, but for followers like McDougall distance doesn't seem to matter.

"Even if he'd been in Dallas I still think we would have gone!" stated McDougall.

After speaking at the rally Governor Romney made his way over to a fundraiser that was also held in Hobbs.

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