RockHounds' Walk-off Wins a Cause for Celebration

RockHounds' Walk-off Wins a Cause for Celebration

Midland has a classic song they play after a win.
Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports)

Being a five tool player means you hit for average, hit for power, field, throw, and have speed. But Rockhounds left fielder Kent Matthes says there's one more on the list.

"One of the most important tools is being a winner. We have a lot of guys in this clubhouse who know how to win. We just never really give up late in the game," said Matthes.

With many veteran guys on the team, Matthes and the rest of the hounds have this mindset.

"Just the ability to not let your heart rate get up and just stay calm in the moment and not change your approach," said Matthes.

That approach has led to 10 walk off wins for the Rockhounds this season. When those moments happen, manager Aaron Nieckula has these thoughts.

"Amazing. Wow. Never say die attitude. It's amazing to watch these guys when we're down. The way they play the game. Scratch. claw, the way they fight to get back into the game," said Nieckula.

The team celebrates with a 90's classic.

"We have a song we play after a win. It's the theme song from Space Jam. It was kind of the movie we liked growing up. I don't know how it stuck but it did," said Matthes.

"I think that's what they have going. If that's what it's called, man. I just go in my office and stock my reports. They run the clubhouse they way they want to run it," said Nieckula.

Matthes says the guys get ancy if it's not playing.

"If it doesn't get turned on within 30 seconds of when we get in there people start yelling," said Matthes.

"They should have some fun they should celebrate the small victories throughout the course of the season but you come over the next day you come in the clubhouse the next day it starts over man. Hopefully we can play the victory song after that game too," said Nieckula.

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