RockHounds 2B Conner Crumbliss

RockHounds 2B Conner Crumbliss

RockHounds second baseman Conner Crumbliss brings the humor to the team.
Midland, TX- (Local Big 2)

"My mom was my 8th grade math teacher and I got kicked out of her class for farting real loud in the class," said Rockhounds second baseman Conner Crumbliss.

Before getting in trouble, Conner started playing baseball at two years old.

"Baseball always gets me jazzed up," said Crumbliss.

Baseball also gives Conner a sense of humor.

"I'm a bit of a class clown. Try to keep it lose keep the guys laughing. Just be a good teammate," said Crumbliss.

"He's definitely kind of like the team clown. Always goofing around with guys. Fun to be around. Always messing with people," said teammate Dusty Coleman.

A good teamate, his fellow players never know when he might strike.

"I'm a former wrestler. I like to wrestle everybody. Nobody likes that. Everybody gets skittish when you wrestle them," said Crumbliss.

"He knows his times to pick perfectly when you don't want to wrestle. I've learned after 3 or 4 years of playing with him if you just go along with it it stops sooner," said Coleman.

But sometimes baseball can be frustrating.

"Nobody wants to go down. You have to keep telling yourself eventually things will get better and go the way you want them to," said Crumbliss.

Conner spent part of last season with Triple A Sacramento. Even though he's back in Double A, his jovial personality allows him to have perspective.

"If he's playing well or if he's struggling, you'll never know because he's consistent with his demeanor," said his manager Aaron Nieckula.

His manager thinks one day Conner's upbeat and loose personality will take him far.

"He's a small guy. One of the smallest guys on the team. You don't judge a guy by his size, you judge him by what he has inside, and he's got a large heart," said Nieckula.

To a big league team, a long way from his mom's 8th grade class room.
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