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Principal Speaks out After Firing Teacher from Texas Leadership Charter Academy

Parents at the Texas leadership Charter Academy are wondering why their children’s fourth grade teacher was fired.
Parents at the Texas Leadership Charter Academy are wondering why their children’s fourth grade teacher was fired.

Teacher Gabrielle Paulo was fired last week, and on Monday parents were hoping to get answers during a school meeting.

“The parents were obviously concerned about their student's reaction last week to their teacher being gone,” said Denise Rives, Principal at TLCA.

But the parents did not get an answer as to why Paulo was fired.

“They wanted to know of course why and obviously being a personal issue I can't discuss any details or any information,” Rives said.

Paulo told KMID she was fired after being bullied by a fellow teacher, who now has her job.

"She never sat me down and told me before I was fired that there were things wrong that I was doing," Paulo said.

Paulo said she feels the principal is biased due to her close relationship with the teacher who bullied her.

Paulo’s husband, a maintenance manager at the school, was also fired on the same week.

"It came completely by surprise 'cause he had not done anything to his knowledge that would warrant him being terminated," Paulo said.

But during Monday’s meeting parents did not get an explanation. Instead, they were told what to expect next.

“I think we successfully helped them focus on the future and how the rest of the year is going to go with the teachers that will be responsible for those 4th graders from now until the end of school,” Rives said.

But parents tell say they still hope to get some kind of answers.

“It was me and my kids every day. Day in, day out. And so, not seeing them again and probably not being allowed to see them again is devastating," Paulo said.

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