Permian Basin Volleyball League Prepares Students For Season

Permian Basin Volleyball League Prepares Students For Season

Permian High Volleyball Coach, Gillian Danley says the girls use this program to improve their talents on the court.

Odessa, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "Everybody benefits from it in west Texas", said Permian High Volleyball Coach, Gillian Danley.

For the 2nd year out of 24, Permian High hosts the long standing league.

"The league is geared towards the kids just touching the ball and playing volleyball", said Danley.

Danley knows the importance of summer workouts, and she shows it, by participating in the league for the past 10 years.

"Permian my girls, we have about five teams playing and I’ve divided them up, there’s about 6-7 people on each team", said Danley.

The league plays 3 nights a week from 6-9pm, and things get real competitive on the courts.

"We believe that the more they are exposed to volleyball over the summer it'll prepare us for our season", said Danley.

Teams also get a chance to see the other schools before the season begins.

"Permian, Odessa high, Alpine, Seminole are all represented in the leagues", said Danley.

They battle to win and improve their skills.

"It’s a great opportunity for the kids in our area", said Danley.

The kids play until July 24th, but then get right back into action for their schools.

"Then they step foot for two a days on August 4th", said Danley.

This keeps the kids active over the summer and engaged in the game of volleyball.

“This is just a way for them to play with their teammates and just play volleyball", said Danley. 

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