People React to NTSB Recommendation to Lower Legal BAC

People React to NTSB Recommendation to Lower Legal BAC

The National Transportation Safety Board wants it harder for people to drive drunk.
LUBBOCK -- "M.A.D.D. appreciates NTSB's efforts to raise awareness about drunk driving as a major problem on our streets," Eldredge said.

The National Transportation Safety Board is making it harder for people to drive drunk.

"Drunk driving kills someone every 52 minutes and injures someone every 2 minutes," Eldredge said. "So it is definitely a serious problem."

Tuesday morning the Board approved a new recommendation that would change the level a person can legally drink drunk from .08% to .05%.

"Lowering the B.A.C. is just one piece of the problem," Eldredge said.

Eldredge is a spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

"I think drunk driving is an issue all over the United States and all over the world," Eldredge said.

Ten thousand people die in the U.S. each year because of drunk driving.

The NTSB is hoping this new lower level will help save at least 800 lives per year.

"That is a big number," Eldredge said. "That is a scary number."

"In Lubbock we have a lot of binge drinking that goes on," Dr. Jonathan Skelton said. "It is quite common. Generally we will see several wrecks over a weekend that are alcohol related."

Dr. Jonathan Skelton is an emergency room doctor at Covenant.

"At .05 you are still going to have those affects and if you are operating a vehicle you are a danger to yourself and others," Skelton said.

He said even at a lower blood alcohol level-people can still be at risk for danger.

"The reason is that even at that level you have an impairment of reflexes in reaction times and it just affects your judgment in general."

"It is something that is 100% preventable," Eldredge said. "It is a choice that individuals make to drink and drive and it's a choice they don't have to make. They can plan ahead and be a safe responsible driver."
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