Overcoming Oilfield Tragedy

Overcoming Oilfield Tragedy

Oilfield accident victim finds strength and motivation at CrossFit
Midland -- August 2011. It's a month Donnie Harvel will never forget.

"We were rigging a rig up and setting collars, and I had an 8 inch collar fall on top of my hand and crushed it," recalled Harvel.
Three surgeries later, he learned that his hand would have to be amputated. His life would be changed forever.

"I was right handed. I lost my right hand, so learning how to do everything left handed...writing, eating, brushing my teeth...just the little things were the hardest," he said.

For motivation and strength, he turned to CrossFit. It's a workout that's challenging for even the fittest of athletes. But with the help of a special prosthetic hand and a wonderful coach, it's now one he looks forward to every day.

"It keeps me motivated just to push on and try to be as good as everybody else," he said.
While CrossFit is changing Harvel's life, what he may not realize is that he's changing the lives of everyone around him.

"It's awesome," said his coach and Renewed Strength CrossFit owner Levi Kirk. "It's not only motivating to me but motivating to everyone around him that watches him work out."
Although Harvel said there are some things he may never be able to do again, he looks for alternative options and doesn't let anything get him down. It's advice everyone should try to live by no matter what they think may be holding them back.

"It's all inside yourself on what you can and cannot do. If you say you can do it, you can do it," added Harvel.

If you're interested in CrossFit and want to learn more about Renewed Strength CrossFit,  you can log on to their website http://www.renewedstrengthcrossfit.com/.

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