Online Petition To Reduce Speed Limit After Fatal Accident

Online Petition To Reduce Speed Limit After Fatal Accident

Amanda Bustillos believes that the change will save lives.

"It’s a tragedy, it's sad that we had to lose a child out here. We don't want it to happen again”, said Online Petition Organizer, Amanda Bustillos.

Since the tragedy, parents have not felt comfortable allowing their children to play outside. Bustillos has taken action by setting up an online petition. The petition gathered over 200 signatures.

"I would like to see done, the speed limits reduced, some 4 way stop signs out here. Some caution signs that there is children playing", said Bustillos.

Midland County Commissioner Jimmy Smith approached Bustillos about the petition.  Smith said a traffic study has been conducted this week by putting strips on the road to measure the speed of vehicles near the accident.

I asked if the speed limit was lowered, would parents feel safe letting her children play outside.

"I highly doubt it. I highly doubt the parents will feel safe having their children you drive their go-carts or bikes down the street anymore", said Bustillos.

Smith said he can see what the problem is and is assured that something is going to be done. Bustillos has faith that adjustments will be made.

"I do believe Jimmy Smith can get this done", said Bustillos.

If you are driving near the area of the accident, Bustillos has one simple message to the motorist near their neighborhood.

"I would like to just ask the drivers to slow down, pay attention to your surroundings. Accidents can be prevented. Just drive as your children were playing down this street", said Bustillos.

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