One More Day Of Warmth...Then It Goes Away 11-21-13

One More Day Of Warmth...Then It Goes Away 11-21-13

70's and 80's today will give way to the 30's this weekend
Today will be the last warm day for a while.

Highs will be in the mid and upper 70's with a few areas hitting 80.

Midland/Odessa looks to top out around 77 this afternoon.

Then the fun begins...(or not, in my case).

Tonight, a cold front makes it's way into the area and temperatures will drop down to freezing through the night.

As the front moves through, we see a chance of thunderstorms before the freezing temps, so look for a 50% chance of rain tonight.

I don't expect a rebound on Friday, so we will stay right around 32.

Any precipitation we see on Friday, Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night will likely be a wintry mix of sleet, freezing rain and liquid rain.

I'm not predicting snow.

Friday night, it looks like we drop into the 20's, same story Saturday night.

With this many hours spent below freezing there is a real possibility that bridges, overpasses and maybe some surface roads could see some freezing.

Be careful if you're out and about this weekend.

Starting Monday, we climb back above freezing and into the 50's by Tuesday.
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