Oil and Gas Conversation with Rep. Mike Conaway

Oil and Gas Conversation with Rep. Mike Conaway

Congressman Mike Conaway speaks on the importance of the oil and gas industry, and the national conversation around the EPA, hydraulic fracturing and exporting oil.
It's a conversation in the Permian basin but also across the nation.

Congressman Mike Conaway says it begins with educating the public on the oil and gas industry.

“The oil and gas business needs to pay attention to the EPA now,” Conaway said.

Currently, federal regulations have been focused on the coal industry but Conaway says the Environmental Protection Agency also targets oil and gas.

“It's a direct attack on fossil fuels, coal just happens to be the target right now and oil and natural gas will be on his list if he'd done away with coal,” Conaway said.

And he believes high on the EPA’s list is hydraulic fracturing.

“They know that if they can stop fracking this oil renaissance that our country and our nation is currently enjoying and benefitting from will dry up and go away,” he said.

The good news?

“We have allies in Pennsylvania that we used to not have as a result of fracking and new technologies that are going into these oil reservoirs in finding additional reserves,” Conaway said.

And with east coast allies, Conaway said it is easier to get the general public to understand the industry.

“We pick up some natural allies that we didn't have before just because of the self-interest they have in producing oil and gas,” he said.

But Conaway believes the industry will continue to grow until the point where we can export it.

“The way these projections are going we'll be at a point where we'll have an excess. The conversation needs to start now about exporting,” Conaway said.

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