Officials Examine Park Security Following Shooting

Officials Examine Park Security Following Shooting

Odessa's parks and recreation director says he will look at potentially increasing security at Odessa's pools.
ODESSA, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - The deadly park shooting on the west side of Odessa, could affect security at parks, and more specifically pools across the city.

"We often advertise that our programs and all of our events are family oriented, we do provide security at all of the special events that we have," says Steve Patton, Odessa Parks and Recreation Director.

Following a shooting in the parking lot of the Floyd Gwin pool Tuesday night, with kids only feet away, Odessa's parks and recreation director says it's time to consider additional security measures.

"As we look at the pool operations in the future I think we're probably going to look at some increased security," says Patton.

However, don't expect any immediate changes due to this week's shooting.

"I will be having some discussions with the city manager, we only have a couple weeks left in the swimming pool season," says Patton.

Increasing security comes at a cost, and may not even be possible right now due to limited resources.

"Which will impact the budget, will cost more and also with the need for officers, that's a great concern too, because there's a shortage of officers," Patton.

Patton emphasizes the pools are just as safe as any other public place in Odessa.

"There's not any sector that has any more violent crime than the other, I see things in the parks system that happen all over town," says Patton.
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