Odessa's Budget Could Include 60 "Take Home" Cars for Odessa Police

Odessa's Budget Could Include 60 "Take Home" Cars for Odessa Police

The proposed budget includes $2.67 million for take home patrol cars, but property taxes could still decrease.
ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A 7 million dollar budget increase, that's what the Odessa City Council considers for next year. The city says your property taxes could actually decrease, even if those spending increases are approved. The Odessa Police Department hope its request for take home patrol cars will be included in the budget. 

"We're very excited about the possibility of obtaining take home vehicles for every single officer here at the Odessa Police Department," says Corporal Steve Lesueur.

It's a potential addition of 60 take home cars, adding up to nearly three million dollars.

"Currently, every division here at Odessa Police Department has take home vehicles except for patrol," said Lesueur.

Lesueur tells me the proposed take home patrol cars would provide a deterrant to potential criminals.

"To have that police presence, have those police vehicles parked throughout the city, would help reduce crime. The main thing is that it would increase response time tremendously," added Lesueur.

It would allow patrol officers to respond immediately to any crime they see, even off duty.

"If something happens he's less likely to stop if he's in his personal vehicle, whereas if he's in his take home vehicle he is all ready to go," he explained.

A slight property tax reduction and another crime fighting tool potentially in the box for officers is seemingly one silver lining to the oil boom.

"This is not something that would just be beneficial to the department, but this is mainly for the community, it's a win-win for everybody," Lesueur proclaimed.

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