Odessa Water Better Than Required, Residents Remain Upset

Odessa Water Better Than Required, Residents Remain Upset

A new report shows Odessa's water quality better than required by law, but residents remain upset about the taste.
ODESSA, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - The City of Odessa releases their latest water quality report, and the city says results show it's better than federal standards. However, many people who drink the water say it does not meet their standards. Several Odessa residents say they do not like drinking Odessa's tap water, despite a new report saying it's a better quality than required.

State and federal laws require yearly testing of water by independently run labs, to make sure it meets standards for a variety of chemicals and contaminants, such as arsenic, chloroform and nitrates. 2013's results released today show a clean bill of health for Odessa's water quality, but many people have a different take on the water.

"No, I don't agree with that, not at all," says Odessa resident Kayla Scott.

Mostly, Scott and others complain about the taste.

"It's disgusting, it tastes horrible, I always have to buy water bottles and it's just gross," says Scott.

"The taste is terrible, salty," says Alfredo Armandarez.

Some people tell me they take matters into their own hands to improve the taste by purifying water at home.

"Filter water, gotta have a filter, I can not drink it straight from the Pecos river, it tastes like Pecos river," explains Armandarez.

However, the water quality report says Odessa's water does not come straight from the Pecos river, and instead undergoes a strict cleaning process.

You can see Odessa's water quality report here: https://www.odessa-tx.gov/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=2021

Midland plans to release their water quality report early next week.

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