Odessa Car Scam

Odessa Car Scam

An Odessa Woman was promised $1 Million plus a Brand New Car.

Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) – While Dorothy Watson was on the phone with Nick Chambers of Goldrush International, she asked him how much the check would be made out for? Nick responded, “$1.2 Million”.

"And you're also getting $25,000; you will be getting that in cash", said Chambers.

Not only was Dorothy told she's won more than one million dollars, she was also promised a brand new car delivered to her home.

But wisely, Watson thought something did not sound right about this grand prize she never applied for.

"I’ve always heard that if anything was too good to be true, it probably was", said Dorothy Watson.

She was given specific instructions to ensure that the money would be delivered to her by Goldrush International.

Chambers told Watson to head to the Walgreens Drugstore and purchase a reloadable debit card.

Watson was told in order to receive the prize money; she first needed to put $225 on a debit card.

She told the company she would give them a call back, but picked up the phone and called Big 2 News.

"In the meantime I called Big 2", said Watson.

I went downtown to speak with the Better Business Bureau to see if this was the real deal or a rip off.

"It’s clearly a scam, it's a little bit different but the sweepstakes and lottery scams have been around for some time, many years", said Tyler Patton, Regional Director of the Better Business Bureau.

Tyler says there have been many scams around in the Basin involving reloadable debit cards. Some people are falling for the stunts that the con-artist are trying to pull off.

"Basically they can clean out whatever amount of money is on that reloadable debit card. It's almost impossible to trace and it's almost impossible to get back", said Patton.

I give Nick from Goldrush International a call back and this is how the conversation went.

When I spoke to Chambers, I advised him that I spoke with the Better Business Bureau today and they told me that this was a scam. I asked him what does he have to say about this?

“Well I would love to get the opportunity to meet you guys, that's all I would love", said Chambers.

As the conversation went on, Nick seemed to become irritated, but eventually agreed to meet us on Thursday. 

I requested to meet Nick at the Odessa Police Department at noon on Thursday along with the Big 2 News Team and he accepted my invitation.


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