Odessa Bronchos 2013 Football Season Preview

Odessa Bronchos 2013 Football Season Preview

The Odessa Bronchos showed their youth in 2012, but a year later the Bronchos are ready to make no excuses and contend for a playoff spot in District 2-5A

Ravaged by injuries last season, the Odessa Bronchos are back in action. Coach Ron King says last years curse may be a blessing in disguise this year.

"I think it's going to be beneficial to us, advantageous. Just for the fact that the kids know what it's going to take to be successful in order to play in those type of games."

The majority of the games the young Bronchos squad will play are in the stacked 2-5A district. But don't expect them to beat down on themselves.

"We don't make excuses, no matter how young we are. There's no excuse for losing and no one on our team accepts failure."

To spark inspiration, the team decided to go with the quote "Win today" and plan to take each day by the saddle.

"Every day of practice is just like playing a game. If you win every day of practice every day of the week then you'll have a shot on Friday nights."

The Bronchos know they might not be the biggest or the quickest out on the field, but they expect to bring it full force.

"Every team will probably be bigger than us and faster than us, but one thing we really pride ourselves on is not giving up. We will fight you until the bell sounds."

So what's it going to take for the Odessa Bronchos to gallop into the postseason?

"I think we'll take it one game at a time, focus on each game as it goes by. Work our best, win the week, that way we can win on Friday night."

"It goes back to winning the day really, we have to win the day every practice to be successful under the Friday Night lights. Hopefully we are successful enough on Friday Night's that we can make it to the playoffs this year."

Reporting in Odessa, Matthew Villanueva, Big 2 Sports

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