New York Based Cassatt "String Quartet" Host String Seminar at Midland College

New York Based Cassatt "String Quartet" Host String Seminar at Midland College

The Cassatt String Quartet offers student quartet coaching’s, master classes, open rehearsals and concert performances.

Midland, TX (Big 2 News) "I thought a few years back, gosh wouldn't it be great share my colleagues and what I do with students back at home", said Jennifer Leshnower, 2nd Violinist, New York Cassatt String Quartet.

Jennifer Leshnower made her dream come true. Members of the New York based Cassatt String Quartet critique pieces to make students better musicians.

"So we are giving master classes, we are performing; we are working with students that play all string instruments and teaching them chamber music skills", said Leshnower.

Teachers and students from Odessa College, Midland College, UTPB and local high schools were invited and were able to learn new skills.

"I learned a lot about bow control and strokes I did not know about", said Lee High School Student, Jessica Prescott.

Leshnower enjoys giving back to the place where she grew up. When students return the following year, she is able to see the development in their abilities as young musicians.

"It’s a lot of fun and it's become sort of an old home week because everyone knows us and we get to see the students year to year. We get to see them progress and grow", said Leshnower.

The New York based Cassatt String Quartet invited Jessica Prescott for a second year in a row. Jessica and her Parents were sincerely appreciative for the guidance given by the ensemble.

"It means a lot. We don't get many people here that are new, or at least from big cities in Midland", said Prescott.

The experience is just as rewarding for the teacher.

"We’re delighted to share our expertise with the students in the school system and work with them on a daily basis, it's almost like they get to go to a performing arts high school for the week that we visit", said Leshnower.

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