New Work Camps Offer Luxury

New Work Camps Offer Luxury

"If you have a well-rested, well-fed workforce, they're going to be very productive"
MIDLAND COUNTY -- For Clay Signor, developing workforce housing for the oil industry comes naturally. His family has been in the oil business for 40 years. "Combining over 20 years of development and the oil industry, we know what our clients want," said Signor, Founder & CEO of the Signor Development Group.
The Signor Lodge is located off of FM 1788 in Midland County and was built to house Trican Well Services employees. It currently holds 88 residents.

 "We are at full capacity and we're about to add an additional 12 to 20 beds," said Signor.
Like most camps, the development is only built to house workforce employees, so while they're away from their families, they're thankful for certain perks like coming home to a clean room everyday.

"We just go to work and don't have to worry about our homestead," said Signor resident Elvis Mitchell. "We just come home and everything is taken care of. Meals are prepared. If there's an issue we have, we let them know and they take care of it."
As for the amenities, it might as well be a five-star hotel. They provide residents with their own private bedroom, living rooms, washers and dryers, a kitchen, Dish TV, a recreation center complete with lounges and pool tables, a work out room, and more.

According to Mitchell, the meals served by the chef daily aren't too shabby either. "We compare the food here to when we go home and what our wives cook, and they can't compare really," he said.
According to Signor, it's all part of their main goal in meeting their clients needs. "We believe that if you have a well-rested, well fed-workforce, they're going to be very productive," said Signor.

Signor is currently working on two new lodges in Midland and Pecos. There are also several others in the works, so we should be seeing a lot more of Signor here in the Permian Basin. If you're company is in need of workforce housing, you can get more information on their website.

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