Never Give Up. The Adam Lucio Story.

Never Give Up. The Adam Lucio Story.

Lucio remembers his first wheelchair at four years old and ever since, he’s been playing sports.

Odessa, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "I became paralyzed at the age of five months old. My family was in a car accident, a drunk driver hit the stop sign", said adaptive athlete Adam Lucio.

Lucio has been in a wheelchair ever since.

"Growing up in sports I didn't get to be in toddler football, I wasn't in tee ball to where I was on the team. I wasn't in stuff like that", said Lucio.

Lucio said it was hard for him to accept he would not be a part of those sports, but he did not give up on desire to play team athletics.

"Whatever I can get my hands on I’m doing it, if I’m in the gym, tennis court or basketball court, anything I can do", said Lucio.

He would play tennis and basketball for fun, but his senior year, something changed.

"Once I actually got a skill set and then moved onto varsity athletics at Odessa High School that was a whole other story", said Lucio.

His parents drove Lucio to Dallas every other weekend to play for a wheelchair basketball club team.

"We made nationals; the scouts over there saw me and kind of recruited me from then", said Lucio.

Lucio decided to stop playing tennis in the middle of his senior year to focus on basketball.

The move paid off because he accepted a D1 wheelchair basketball scholarship from Oklahoma State.

"I’ve never felt that kind of brotherhood, that kind of connection with a whole bunch of guys in my situation", said Lucio.

Lucio is an example that you can accomplish any dream you set your mind to.

He has a message to anyone aspires to become an adaptive athlete.

"Anyone out there whether young or old, it's never too late to start, there’s adaptive athletes all around the world that are starting their first basketball game at 40", said Lucio.

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