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Neighbors Upset After George W. Bush Childhood Home is Vandalized

Neighbors are in shock with the vandalism but say they feel safe regardless of the incident.
The George W. Bush Childhood Home was vandalized over the weekend and neighbors are enraged over what happened.

"Who ever did this, grow up," said neighbor Christina Howell.

No one knows who did it, but on Sunday morning paint covered part of the historic home.

“To the thoughtless individual(s) who decided to paintball the Museum last night, my wish is that you mature quickly and someday have something you can care about,” The George W. Bush Childhood Home posted on their Facebook page.

According to post, the home’s director cleaned up the mess Sunday morning.

“I spent about an hour cleaning the front from fascia to slab,” the Facebook post said.

Neighbors are in shock with what happened but say they feel safe regardless of the incident.

“Kids play here, ride their bikes, ball, just picture perfect,” Howell said.

Howell found out about the vandalism after reading the Facebook post of the George W. Bush Childhood Home.

“For somebody to do something like that I just have to echo what Paul, or what they posted on the Facebook page. Is that I hope they realize one day what they've done,” Howell said.

Others also took it to social media to express their opinion.

“This is terrible! Sad that some people have to deface others property,” said Janice McAlister.

“That is just plain disrespectful, I hope they catch whomever did it and make them do 1000's of hours of community service!” Mark Roye wrote.

Executive Director, Paul St. Hilaire did not call police to report the incident.

“Luckily the paint is water based so there is no lasting damage,” the Facebook post said.

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