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Natural Gas Power Plant Coming to Mitchell County

Houston-based power company announces plans to build new plant near Westbrook
Mitchell Co. -- A Houston-based power generation firm announces it's plans to build a major natural gas power plant in Mitchell County.

FGE Power is set to build a 726MW clean burning, natural gas fired generating station in the western part of the county near Westbrook. They held a press conference today in Colorado City to make the announcement and share some details of what's to come.
When deciding where to build the plant, they said Mitchell County was the perfect location. "What you look for is gas, transmission and a market that needs power and we obviously have all three of those in Mitchell County," said Ross McCausland, President and CEO of Protos Energy Advisory.

FGE says they expect to create over 400 jobs during the construction phase and when it's all complete, the plant should employ around 20 workers. Construction is slated to begin later this year, and it should be fully operational by 2016.
Big 2's Mycah Glover was there today and will bring you more information about the plant and what it means for Mitchell County in this week's Big 2 Energy Report Thursday night at 10pm.
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