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MPD recruiting More Officers

Area burglars...Beware!
MIDLAND -- Area burglars...Beware! The boys in blue could soon see a swell in their ranks. Midland men and women showed up this weekend for a chance to earn a blue uniform. The Midland Police Department held a training session along with an open test to challenge the candidates, both physically and mentally. First up for applicants was the physical test. Applicants were expected to complete a minimum of 30 sit-ups, 25 push-ups and run 1 1/2 miles in less than 14 minutes and 46 seconds. Then came the written exam. Although a police officer must pass the physical and written test Sergeant Alfredo Grimaldo says those aren't the only things the department looks for.

"Were also looking for people to have very good integrity, good character, and have very good personalities that can fit the needs of our citizens of our city," says Sgt. Grimaldo.

If you missed out on this weekend's test, you can catch the next examination to fill vacancies in June.
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