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More Oil Companies Reusing Water At Fracking Sites

Water is an essential part of life, and for those trying to get at gas buried deep underground, it's also an essential part of business.
PECOS -- Water is an essential part of life, and for those trying to get at gas buried deep underground, it's also an essential part of business.
Bosque systems is a green company that's making things like fracking easier on the environment, through recycling water.
Top officials with Bosque Systems say their goal is to decrease the dependency on freshwater at a fracking site.
In an area which is prone to periods of prolonged drought, they say this is good for the environment, as well as for the wallets of those paying for water.
"We go through periods of drought, when water is very scarce.  In the industry there is produced water and flow-back water which comes from the fracking process and allows us to reuse a barrel of water over and over, rather than having to be dependent on freshwater," Peter Pappas said.  Pappas is the vice president of business development for Bosque.
In other words, less water gets wasted, and less water needs to be pumped into the fracking site.
Peter Pappas says in some cases, they're able to recycle 100 percent of water used.
"Bosque overall, over the last 12 months, has handled 250,000,000 barrels of water.  So we work had to maximize the reuse for the operator," Pappas said. 
All the water the fracking site we visited near Pecos will use passes through Bosque equipment.
It's treated, recycled, and reused, to maximize efficiency.
Pappas says this trend of going green is becoming more potent at fracking sites across the country.
"Reuse is extremely important to the industry and we're seeing with recent regulations from the Texas Railroad Commission that allows it easier for operators to reuse, engaging in organizations like Bosque more," Pappas said.
That demand is leading to rapid growth within the company.
Bosque is the largest water management company in North America that's specifically focused on the oil and gas industry, but that's a recent development.
24 Months ago Bosque employed about 30 people.  Now, company wide, they're up to 500.
That's more than a 2,000 percent increase in their workforce in just the past two years.
"Here in West Texas we've gone in the last 18 months from one or two employees to all of West Texas about 150 employees," Pappas said.
Pappas says Bosque is growing and hiring all the time, like much of the oil industry.  And there's no signs of slowing down.
The company is in continual growth mode, especially here in the Permian Basin, where many oil and gas companies are pitching their tents.
Recently Bosque was selected as a finalist at the 2013 Oil and Gas Awards for the work they do.
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