MISD Adds New Substitute Policy

MISD Adds New Substitute Policy

Midland ISD is adding a new process to check up on substitute teachers.
MIDLAND -- Midland ISD is adding a new process to check up on substitute teachers after one was arrested last week.

Below is the email MISD Superintendent Dr. Ryder Warren sent to the district's staff:


I need everyone to institute a process on your campuses. 

Beginning Monday, every classroom with a substitute teacher on your campus will be checked with a walk-through twice during the school day.  This can be accomplished by you, an AP, a counselor, or a visiting central office administrator, but I want it documented (in writing) that both walk-throughs have occurred.  These walk-throughs do not have to be 10-15 minute instructional visits, but they do have to be "health" checks to ascertain everything is ok in the classrooms.

You will not stop this process until I make that decision to cease.  Substitute teachers are a very important part of our district, and we have many wonderful educators who fill these roles, but we have to make sure our students are safe in the classrooms. 

Principals - I need 35 replies back to this email that you acknowledge this new campus process.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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