Midlander With Waco Ties Bringing Aid After The West Explosion

Midlander With Waco Ties Bringing Aid After The West Explosion

Jessica Feliciano will be taking supplies to those displaced in West
MIDLAND -- Jessica Feliciano lives in Midland, but she's from the Waco area and the explosion at the West Fertilizer Plant hits very close to home.

"Oh god. You know, it's hard not to start crying about it. I mean, it's just hard to talk about," Feliciano told us.

While she has friends in the area, she says none were actually in West at the time of the explosion.

Seeing the images of destruction, Feliciano wants to do something special for those that were affected by the blast.

She says she heard of apartments, nursing homes and even a college in the Waco area opening up blocks of housing for those that have been displaced, but some people don't have anything right now and she wants to make them a bit more comfortable.

"I'm trying to help out the people of West. It started out me just taking a few things down there, then other people found out and started tacking on," Feliciano continued.

Feliciano will be taking those supplies down in a truck that U-Haul is donating to the cause.

Sam's Club is also donating cases of bottled water she will take down.

She will be taking anything from clothes, blankets, medical supplies to animal food for the displaced pets.

If anyone wants to help, Feliciano is open to anything the public wants to give.

"They don't have anything, so something is better than nothing," Feliciano concluded.

She will be leaving for West Friday night.

If anybody wants to donate to this cause, she can be reached at 254-702-8981
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