Midland Water Quality Report Shows Two Violations

Midland Water Quality Report Shows Two Violations

"The taste, the smell," said Cezil Fraato, a Midland resident.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 News) "The taste, the smell," said Cezil Fraato, a Midland resident.

Midland water.

"It's concerning, definitely concerning," said Chermae Peel, a Midland resident.

The city's water quality report for 2013 shows several contaminants within the water.

However, Holly Rosas, interim director of utilities for the City of Midland says it's nothing to worry about.

"If it was something that was imminently gonna affect the public's health, we would have to issue a well water notice. Which, we have never had to do," said Rosas.

The report shows contaminants found range from fluoride, selenium and arsenic.

"Just don't drink it, I know that for sure, but it definitely makes me concerned about my family," Peel said.

According to city officials, these contaminants don't affect residents.

"For the five customers that we have on that Paul Davis line that are out in Martin County,"

But there are two violations that were found within city limits..

Violations of total trihalmenthane, a byproduct of disinfecting the water, a requirement by the state, and surface water treatment technique.

"With 120 samples and if we have seven that come back below the point five then for two consecutive months, that's when we have to send out one of these notices."

Rosas tells me the city has to keep a certain chlorine residual out throughout the system, but the 600 mile pipeline of aging infrastructure adds to the water problems.

"I think they can do a better job in the water filtration for the money they're getting from the public," Fraato said.

Rosas says the city is working to update the aging infrastructure and the distribution system to avoid similar problems in the future.

TCEQ Agenda of Items For Requests For Reconsideration Of Violations And Fines 
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