Midland Waste Water Treatment Plant to See Upgrade

Midland Waste Water Treatment Plant to See Upgrade

An oil company is set to partner with the city of Midland to upgrade the waste water treatment plant.
MIDLAND, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - Midland's wastewater treatment plant will get more than just an upgrade. One hundred million dollars will be poured into the facility in order to recycle the waste water for hydraulic fracturing.  The city of Midland needs to upgrade their wastewater treatment plant, and Pioneer Natural Resources wants to reuse wastewater for hydraulic fracturing.  As a result, the two groups plan to create a mutually beneficial private to public partnership.

"Right now what the council did is they authorized us to go into negotiations with them," says Holly Rosas, the Interim Utilities Director for Midland.

If negotiations go smoothly, Pioneer Natural Resources will pay around $100,000,000 to improve Midland's wastewater treatment plant, and Midland would receive a long overdue upgrade.

"What we want to do is reuse that wastewater as opposed to just disposing of it," explains Rosas.

In addition to spending one hundred million, Pioneer could also spend $250,000,000 to move the clean wastewater through the city.

"They're going to put in a distribution system throughout Midland so that the water can be transported underground as opposed to having more trucks, and trucks, and traffic on the roads," she added.
Rosas also wants the project complete in a timely fashion.

"In two and a half years to get a project of this magnitude going is a tight timeline, so we want to get it implemented as soon as possible," described Rosas.

Once the terms of Midland's potential contract with pioneer expire, the city plans to put the water to use in their parks, allowing them to conserve more pure drinking water.

"We're actually being more conservative and actually looking forward toward the conservation of our groundwater, and re-using a commodity that we've had for a long time and just haven't had the treatment to use," said Rosas.
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