Midland PD Offers New Way to Track Crime in Your Neighborhood

Midland PD Offers New Way to Track Crime in Your Neighborhood

Midland PD officials neighbors will gather online to improve crime prevention in the city.
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) - Midland officials hope your neighborhood is at least little bit safer this morning, thanks to national night out events around the city last night.

"National night out is a national event where we bring communities and the local law enforcement emergency personnel together to stand up against crime," said Sgt. Ben Chavez from the Midland Police Department. 

This year, Midland police use the occasion to launch a new program, nextdoor.com, with the hope neighbors will maintain their connections from last night's block parties.

"It's a website where neighborhoods can come together, it's kind of like we could call a neighborhood watch on the internet," said Chavez.

Sergeant Ben Chavez says people can use the website for a variety of issues.

"They can go on there and chat about really anything that's concerning their neighborhoods, a lost dog maybe a garage sale," he said.

If people see something more serious, they can talk with Midland police about it online.

"Even crime prevention tips for each other, if they see something awkward, now the Midland Police Department is connected and can give them safety tips, or advise them of a crime spree that's going on in their neighborhood," said Chavez.

It was a fun night for young and old alike, hopefully leading to a safer community for everyone.

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