Midland Martial Arts School Teaches Youth How To Gain Greater Focus And Self-Control

Midland Martial Arts School Teaches Youth How To Gain Greater Focus And Self-Control

Program Director, Cindy Lee believes martial arts improves an individuals mind and gives them peace of mind.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "The ages with our program are four and up, our oldest student is she's 69 years old" said Cindy Lee, Program Director of Yong In Lee's Martial Arts School.

Yong In Lee's Martial Arts School is in its second year in Midland.

"We teach Olympic style taekwondo which is called World Taekwondo Federation, WTF”, said Lee.

The instructors want the students to master the Korean martial art, but they also want the kids to learn something even more important.

"With our program, not only do we teach tae but at the same time we teach our kids life skills which is learning respect, confidence, along with focus”, said Lee.

3rd grader Cambell Hendricks says he can see a difference in himself over the past year and a half.

"I’ve seen myself getting a lot better than when I first started out. I wasn't that good but now that done this for a long time I’m really good”, said Cambell Hendricks.

Outside of martial arts, Cambell is a big Marvel Avengers fan.

His favorite Avenger super hero is Thor.

"His hammer can smash the walls and buildings, plus no one else can pick it up either”, said Hendricks.

He's very knowledgeable about his Marvel characters.

Lee says Cambell looks forward to the fall, so he has a chance to advance to the next belt.

"The other belt testing coming up will be in September so they'll be learning their belt curriculum so they can prepare for their belt testing”, said Lee.

Lee says seeing her students improve their skills gives her joy.     

"We learn to respect others, confidence and we learn moves. Self-defense”, said Hendricks.

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