Midland Man Loses Home, Dog to Fire

Midland Man Loses Home, Dog to Fire

A Midland lost everything he owned Tuesday night after a fire broke out at his home.
A Midland lost everything he owned Tuesday night after a fire broke out at his home.

Scott Baggett, owner of Scott’s Shoes in Odessa, thinks the fire started out in the kitchen and spread out to the entire house.

"It’s hard," said his cousin, Angie Bell. “Hard to have this kind of fire and lose everything. Lost his glasses, lost his cell phone, car keys, and all of his clothes, everything is gone.”

Normally, Baggett empties his ash tray and goes to bed, but by Tuesday night smoke woke him up.

“I think in a state of shock because he had been asleep since 10:30 or so and woke up and got to coughing and that's what woke him up, the house filling up with smoke,” Bell said.

Baggett believes the fire started in the garbage can in his kitchen, Bell said.

But according to authorities, 9-11 was not called immediately. By the time fire fighters arrived, the fire had spread to the roof of the house.

Two men saw the fire and helped Baggett get out safely.

“By the time we got here and we kicked in the garage door flames flew everywhere, we got about 4 feet into the door and we couldn't take it,” said Tim Kreitz, who witnessed the fire and helped Baggett.

They saved his car but it was too late to save the dog.

“He was just really loved by Scott and all of us in the family and it was just a really sad way to lose a family pet because they are part of the family,” Bell said.

Fire officials continue to investigate the official cause of the fire.

Baggett is living with his brother, while his family helps him clean up and get back up on his feet.

“It’s hard to start over especially to get up the next morning and you have nothing,” Bell said. “I think right now what he needs is a lot of prayers.”

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