Midland Man Accused Of Stabbing His Dog Multiple Times

Midland Man Accused Of Stabbing His Dog Multiple Times

Officials tell Local Big 2, the owner repeatedly stabbed his Pitbull six times along his spine.
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A Midland man is accused of stabbing his dog multiple times, in front of neighbors. He's in custody tonight, facing animal cruelty charges.

"He said Gage, come here, and then sliced his throat with a blade that was this long," said neighbor A.J. Quihuiz.

Ten year old A.J. Quihuiz describes the violent scene outside his front door.

"He threw him over the fence and started stabbing him," said Quihuiz.

The two year old pitbull who Quihuiz says, snapped at his owner, Derik Huskey.

"I couldn't believe it because he's a really good person and he loved his dog and I couldn't believe he did something like that," said Quihuiz.

Other neighbors like Frankie Fernandez say the pitbull was pretty friendly.

"I've actually petted that dog a couple times and it is really nice," said Fernandez.

Midland Police Officer Trent Sellers tells me the owner repeatedly stabbed the dog along his spine, and blood from the animal can still be seen.

"He did that right in front of our house and my little nephew who is only one years old plays right there, but now there's all blood stains," said Quihuiz.

The young boy tells us he's shocked Huskey is accussed of killing his dog.

"I didn't think he was the kind of guy that would kill a dog that only did one mistake," said Quihuiz.

Jennifer Quihuiz spoke to Huskey and describes his reaction.

"I talked to him about it and he's cried and he cried afterward, he feels really bad," said Quihuiz.

A.J. still thinks it's a sad situation.

"I think its sad because he didn't have to do that to that dog," said Quihuiz.
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