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Midland Lee Preparing for District Opener vs. Abilene Cooper

The Lee Rebels need to bounce back strong after their 63-13 defeat at the hands of Southlake Carroll. What better way to do that then winning your first district game against Abilene Cooper?
The Midland Lee Rebels took a beating from 5A power house Southlake Carroll 63-14 from Dragon Stadium in Southlake on Friday night. The Rebels had costly penalties, and couldn't stop the Dragons from getting into an offensive groove each time they had the ball.

The Rebels couldn't generate any momentum on offense, as they lost their starting center early in the game. There were a lot of inconsistencies in this game for head coach James Morton, and he told us there are definitely some things that need to change in order for the Rebels to compete with Abilene Cooper coming to Midland on Friday, September 13th for the district opener.

"Number one we have to eliminate the five yard penalties. That's just a discipline thing on our part. You don't need to put yourself at any bigger disadvantage than you already are, so that has to be huge for us this week. We had some problems with turnovers that we hadn't had before. We have to make sure that we have good ball security, and we have to go back to being consistent explosively. I think that comes back to passing, but the thing we feel like we have to be able to do is run the ball" said Morton.

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