Midland Lee 2013 Football Season Preview

Midland Lee 2013 Football Season Preview

The Midland Lee Rebels were painfully close to making the playoffs in 2012. They look to run to the war in order for 2013 to be a different story.

Relentless. That's what Coach James Morton wants his Midland Lee Rebels to play like every day. The Rebels were painfully close to a playoff spot last year.

"We as seniors this year hold it as a high standard to try and get back to the glory days of lee, and make sure to do as best as we can with that job."

Now coming into 2013, Midland Lee will bring a new offensive scheme, as well as sort out a Quarterback battle.

"What we're doing offensively now I think we have a lot of good skill kids, and were utilizing them to their fullest potential. I think at quarterback what we've seen through spring and through the summer we're progressing and I think it's going to be a good fit for us."

One thing that could help the Rebels return to the post season will be causing more turnovers on defense, and coach Morton is excited about the possibilities of the season ahead.

"We're excited about our defense. You know I think it all starts with what we have up front. Of course at linebacker is probably where I think we have the most experience coming back. I think these guys are excited about coming into it and getting started."

The Rebels feel like it's their time to shine in District 2-5A, and they'll keep running to the war until their goal is achieved.

"Just don't give up on it, just keep going, keep fighting. Times get tough and you just have to keep fighting."

"You're going to see a hungrier Lee Rebel team. We haven't made it to the playoffs in so long we're all just dying to get back to there. We're all ready for December football and we can't wait to get out there and get it done."

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