Midland High's Barry Russell Discusses Season

Midland High's Barry Russell Discusses Season

Midland High Baseball Barry Russell details his team's season, the loss to Marcus, and the entertaining ride back from Austin.

Midland, TX ( Local Big 2 News ) - Coach I know this past weekend was a tough loss for you in the regional semi-finals. What was your message to your guys after the game?


“I told them I was proud of them,” said Coach Russell. I thought they played hard. Certainly wasn't the outcome that we wanted. I've said from the get go you have to be lucky, you have to have things go your way. We had that I think until the 3rd game we had some of our injuries finally catch up with us. Had some kids get injured. Chris Lanse couldn't throw and Shaun Grebeck got hurt and during the game we kind of got out of whack in our line up but it was a great run. I was really proud of them for playing hard and just to come back in that second game the way we came back I was really proud of them for that,” said Coach Russell.


Coach what made this 2014 team different and unique from any other teams in the past?


“That's a good question. I had a lot of kids returning. 3 kids were 3 year starters Lance and Gilbert and Jackson were had all started for three years so it was good to have those kids back so you don't know normally have something like that so it was nice to have those kids come back,” said Coach Russell. “We had lost quite a bit from the year before so to go to the regional semi-finals with this group which wasn't supposed to do a whole lot I think the only ones that thought we could do that was maybe us,” said Coach Russell. “ I'm not even sure we could go to the regional semi-finals to start the year to be quite honest so I was real proud of them getting out there and getting after it,” said Coach Russell.


Now coach you're big on twitter if you want to follow Coach Russell on twitter it's @zacheryfield and you tweeted “fun is trying to find a convenient store to let 26 high school boys go potty without getting drenched in a down pour.” Did you find that convenient store, and how did it play out?


“We were driving back from Austin and we were going to stop in San Angelo and we usually stop at stripes right  there on the outskirts and we got there and it was a flat down pour kids are wanting off the bus everybody is wanting off the bus and I'm not going to get them out and get them completely soaked,” said Coach Russell. So we keep going and keep going keep going finally find a spot and finally find a place out toward great creek little bitty place they probably freaked out when they saw the bus was as big as the place was got them in and stopped raining and do what they needed to do and by the time they got back to the bus it was already down pouring again,” said Coach Russell.  “We got them on the bus really quick and got them out and it was kind of interesting to see that work out,” said Coach Russell.


That's pretty funny coach. Thank you for your time and have a great summer.


“Thank You. You too,” said Coach Russell. 

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