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Midland High's 2 QB System Works - For Now

The Midland High Bulldogs are 2-0 in District 2-5A play so far, mainly because of solid play from two quarterbacks. But can their success continue?
The Midland High Bulldogs (3-1, 2-0) are off to a strong start in District 2-5A. The Bulldogs however have been using unique methods to win ball games, going with the two quarterback system as well as using two running backs.

Head coach Craig Yenzer knows using two QB's doesn't work for every coach, but he feels as long as both of his senior Quarterbacks Sam Grimes and Preston Howey are playing well, he will keep sending them both out there.

Yenzer said, "I thought both of them really played well at times. You know, we just gotta be more consistent -- that's what we've been preaching to both players right now. both guys have got to be more consistent , and you're right -- you're gonna continue to see that system right now . We don't feel like one guy's just head and shoulders aboe the other so you'll continue to see both quarterbacks in action and hopefully as we move along here they'll come a lot more consistent. "
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